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With an ever growing user base, Phoria™ is the highest quality and most trusted kratom supplement on the market.

100% All Natural Mitragyna Speciosa

Herbal Supplement

High Quality

Our kratom is directly imported from the farm and lab tested for the highest quality.

Multiple Strains

We currently offer 5 strains that are geographically specific.


Easy to take. Easy to digest. No foul taste!


Our herbal supplements are replaced with freshly grown product every 10 days.

Sell the world’s #1  fresh botanical supplement today!

Phoria capsules give you an overall feeling of well-being. Choose your own path.

What is Kratom?


Do Your Own Research! Phoria prides itself on being fully industry compliant. As a result, we refrain from making any product or health claims.

“What is Kratom” is a common question, so instead of taking our word for it, here are some helpful links from accredited websites. We’ll let you arrive at your own opinion on this revolutionary natural plant:

Our Process







Quality Control


Our Commitment

We believe the future of Kratom is unlimited. Through innovative practices and responsible applications of science, we will continue to maintain the best product available. We will continue to pioneer the industry as the world’s largest leading distributor of quality-branded mitragyna speciosa products.

Our Promise

Providing satisfied customers with a quality product is at the core of our values. Support our vendors with the best value and most consistent products is what makes this possible. We will remain at the forefront of growing the Kratom industry through education and initiatives designed to enhance our customer’s lives. We aim to increase our strategic partner’s prosperity and enrich the communities in which we operate abroad.

We know retail.

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Increase your profits by adding the fastest growing product of it’s industry today. We offer a wide range of marketing and support materials to increase visibility and drive sales. Fully insured with product ready to ship, see why thousands of retailers choose to stock Phoria™.

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