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Chaga Mushroom Triple Extract Superfood Powder

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Our chaga triple extract is developed with a truly unique extraction process from fruiting body mushrooms and mushroom mycelium. We go one step further and also blend in chaga triterpenoid extract. The chaga mushroom is most noted for having immunological boosting effects.

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“Wow! Finally a reputable and truthful manufacturer. Thank you.”

-Steve Stillwater

100% Wild-Crafted Chaga Extract

The chaga mushroom grows on birch trees throughout the northern hemisphere and resembles a dark clump of dirt more than a mushroom. When you ingest chaga mushrooms, your body will receive a powerful dose of over 215 vitamins, minerals and other bioactive compounds.

Chaga Immunity

Immune Support

Beta glucans support the production of T-cells and macrophages upgregulating immunomodulatory activity.†

No Additives, Chemicals or Fillers in Our Chaga Extract

No Chemicals

Our custom extract contains no preservatives, chemicals or artificial flavors.

Chaga Heart Health

Heart Health

Considered an adaptogenic mushroom, chaga has been shown to assist in lowering blood sugars and high blood pressure.†

Chaga Mushroom Extract

Phoria Chaga Extract

Chaga Mushroom Smoothie Powder

Chaga Health Benefits

Oxidative stress causes physical signs of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and gray hair. Exposure to sun, pollution, and other sources of damage create too many free radicals for the body to neutralize, which accelerates the aging process of the skin.

In theory, supplying the body with more antioxidants could slow the aging process, or even reverse visible signs of aging.

Although no research has conclusively linked chaga to anti-aging benefits, its effectiveness in fighting other forms of oxidative stress suggests that it could also fight aging.†

Chaga mushrooms contain many antioxidants that may reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL), the so-called “bad” cholesterol.High cholesterol is a significant risk factor for heart disease, so chaga mushrooms could be useful in the fight against cardiovascular disease.†

Increasingly, researchers are taking seriously the possibility that chaga mushrooms may be able to prevent cancer and slow its growth.Chaga is rich in antioxidants, which are chemicals that help prevent cell damage caused by free radicals or oxidants. When the body is unable to produce enough antioxidants to prevent this damage, oxidative stress occurs. Oxidative stress can cause cancer and a host of other health problems.

A 2010 study found that chaga could slow the growth of lung, breast, and cervical cancer cells in a petri dish. The same study also found that chaga could slow the growth of tumors in mice.

A 2009 study found that triterpenes, the compounds found in chaga and some other mushrooms, cause tumor cells to self-destruct. Unlike other cancer treatments, however, chaga does not appear to harm healthy cells.

Although other studies have found similarly promising results, they have all been carried out on animals or in a laboratory. To prove the anti-cancer benefits of chaga conclusively, researchers will need to conduct extensive studies on humans.†
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Research suggests that oxidative stress is a contributing factor for high blood pressure. People with high blood pressure are more prone to heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular health issues.Chaga’s antioxidants could have a potential role in lowering blood pressure and preventing poor cardiovascular health.†

Chaga might also have a role in the fight against diabetes.A 2006 study found that chaga mushrooms could lower blood sugar in rats. The rodents were genetically modified to have diabetes and to be obese. After eating chaga mushrooms for 8 weeks, their blood sugar levels were lower.

Though no research has been done on humans yet, this suggests that chaga might contribute to an alternative treatment for diabetes in the future.†
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Cytokines are the immune system’s chemical messengers. They are proteins that play a vital role in stimulating white blood cells, which are the immune system’s first line of defense against a range of illnesses.Some research on mice suggests that chaga may help regulate the production of cytokines, supporting the immune system by helping cells communicate with one another. This could help fight infections, from minor colds to life-threatening illnesses.†

When the body is fighting an illness, inflammation supports the fight. But sometimes, inflammation transitions from a short-term attack to a chronic health problem.Some illnesses, particularly chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, are linked to inflammation. Recent research suggests that some conditions that are not considered inflammatory, including depression, may be partly due to chronic inflammation.

Chaga’s role in regulating cytokine production may also help control inflammation. This points to a role for chaga in fighting autoimmune conditions and possibly some other diseases.†

The chaga mushroom has one of the highest ORAC scores of any food— 31 times higher than blueberries! ORAC stands for “oxygen radical absorbent capacity” and it measures the antioxidant activity of a food. The higher the score, the better a food’s ability to support the body against the harmful effects of free radicals and oxidative stress. †

Why Phoria Is Better

  • Hermetically Sealed Container
  • Non-GMO, Kosher, Gluten Free
  • Lab Tested for Heavy Metals and Microbial Contaminants
  • Lot Number and Expiration Date Printed on Every Package
Chaga Mushroom Powder

Our Process

Chaga Mushroom Extract Jar

We succeed where others fail.

Our mushroom extracts are all produced organically with a proprietary hot water extract process. All of our products are lab tested for heavy metals and microbial contamination to ensure a safe, reliable product. Each Phoria™ product has a lot number and expiration date printed on each label during the time of manufacturing.

Ingredients: Organic Chaga Extract (Fruiting Body), Organic Chaga Extract (Mycelium), Organic Chaga Extract(Triperenoid)
Weight: 3.17oz. (90g)

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  1. Ryan D.

    awesome stuff, loads of energy on tap now.

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  2. Shelly O.

    i take 2 servings before mountain biking and have never felt better.

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  3. Loretta G.

    Just got mine in this afternoon. Arrived promptly, and feeling a nice energy boost about 30 minutes after a shake.

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  4. Christy S.

    i cant praise this product enough. If you are a high endurance athlete, you should really be supplementing this.

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  5. cindy a. (verified owner)

    Rich and dense. very high quality!

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